Sep 05 , 2022

Christopher Chee

Comparing Different Wagyu Grading Systems

Everyone’s heard of the Wagyu beef and the different ranks they have but most have no idea what the different wagyu grading systems mean! Don’t worry though, the system can be confusing but Wagyu Academy in Hong Kong is here to teach you something about the Wagyu grading system. Ready? Class begins.

How does wagyu beef grading work? Wagyu grading system differs based on the country and commercial organization in charge. But, the qualities each organization uses is pretty similar across different borders. Wagyu steak is top rank in flavor, quality, and appearance with the grading reflecting the high levels in each.

Japanese Beef Grading System

In Japan, where we source our wagyu beef, the Japanese Meat Grading Association (JMGA) decides the grading of wagyu beef. In the US, this is done by the USDA. The JMGA and USDA grades wagyu beef in order to ensure wagyu meets the standards for consumers that purchase it. A score is given based on its meat color, fattiness, shape, area, and marbling percentage. The Japanese grading system gives wagyu beef a grade from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest. Wagyu Academy only serves the best to our customers and so we only carry A5 beef. Our cuts are referred to as Japanese Wagyu A5. The cattle have been raised in the best way possible, being fed the best foods and given exceptional care while being raised. The A refers to the yield grade which is different from quality, the “5”. Yield grade shows how the wagyu cut can yield quality meat. Grade A is given to cuts with a 72% or above yield.

USDA Grading System

In the US, the meat is subject to similar standards as in Japan. However, the USDA uses a grading system that focuses on words: Select, Choice, and Prime. Wagyu beef in the US would fall in the Prime category. This denotes marvelous marbling, excellent coloring and appearance, etc.

Conclusion: Your Guide to the Wagyu Beef Grades

Hopefully this short explanation has helped you figure out what Wagyu grading means so whenever you go to a steak house you will be able to understand the menu and get the most bang for your buck. Now it’s time for you to visit our collection available so you can safely order online and enjoy some delicious A5 wagyu beef at home! Till next class!